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Introducing Quantangled

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

I could have called this entry “Blimey, where did January go? Again!” as it feels like I’m in the same place as last year, although that would be to gloss over all the stuff I’ve done in the year since, even if it’s only slowly populating the site with content and a lot of the work I’ve done remains invisible outside of my hidey-hole.

Instead, let’s concentrate on the year ahead, and my main game project. This has previously gone unnamed, or referred to as project Q. So, allow me to formerly introduce Quantangled. I’m getting serious about this. So serious it sometimes terrifies me. It’s ambitious. Maybe too ambitious. I’m planning to develop it in about 6 months. It will be awesome.

Quantangled is an action adventure platform game with puzzle elements and a heavy science fiction influence, featuring quantum entanglement, teleportation, cloning and parallel dimensions. Your character has control of these features on their super-powered smart phone. Quantum entanglement and jumping dimensions? Now there’s an app for that, too…

I’m currently working on a formal Game Design Document, a schedule and other supporting design documents. There’s an enormous amount to do for just one person in 6 months which is why I’m getting serious in the planning (it may even have to be split into two games though I’d rather not do that). A lot of the design has evolved in rough note form over the last 17 – 22 months or so since the original conception, and it’s actually two separate game ideas that I realised would work much better if blended into one.

New pages for the game will appear on the site in due course, along with development videos on the Overwound Games channel on Youtube. I’m excited, and I plan to share that excitement. Hold on tight, folks, 2012 is about to get awesome…